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Social Marketing for Facebook and Twitter is mandatory today

Social marketing uses the concepts and techniques to promote social well being. For social media marketing advertising, publicity, sales promotion, personal selling and direct marketing methods are used. Today online media provides social marketing for sharing information, for creating business connections and for collaborating online with other users. In social media marketing, the user creates content and shares it on social networking sites which attracts the attention of the reader and helps to promote or market the idea, service or products.

Today, social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and Google Plus, provide the features of re-post and re-tweet which helps the users to spread the content and see the responses of other people online. It works like word- to-mouth phenomena on internet. If the information about a product or service is repeatedly discussed on internet it becomes popular and gets great viewer response.

Any user can create an account on twitter and promote the product at individual level. The user can explain in short about the product which will be read by the followers of the messages and these messages serves as home page which can be linked to website of the product, Facebook profile, videos or photos. It provides opportunity for improved interactions and making loyal connections.

This is a list of the services we provide for the main social networks:

1. Facebook/Twitter/Google plus company page creation

2. Facebook/Twitter/Google plus pages daily content updates and page management

3. Facebook Ads creation and follow up

4. Buy Facebook likes or Tweeter Followers for your page.

We offer:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Content & social media team
  • Social media management and monitoring
  • Blogging & news post creation
  • Monthly team strategy session & activity schedule
  • Monthly ¬†reporting and feedback

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